Ram lila

• A grand re-enactment of the epic of Ramayana on a theatrical level. A chance to celebrate the most iconic rituals of India.
• Witness the famous Ram Nagar Ram Lila that lasts for a month while Ram Nagar becomes the stage for the grand performance that moves through various locations.
• Celebrated during Navratri, it is one of the major attractions of Varanasi giving a sight to behold.
• With week-long celebrations, it welcomes the festival which marks the win of good over evil.
• Ends with burning of an effigy of Ravana.
• Held at various locations throughout the city, the best celebrations are at the Ram Nagar.

Ram Navmi

This is the most important festivalCelebrated in March/ April. Thousands of devotees from all over the countryvisit the Ram Navami Mela to celebrate the birth of Lord Rama on the ninth dayof the Navratri festival with fasting, music and feasting. This festival falls inthe Hindu month of Chaitra and is considered one among the five most sacredfestivals according to the Hindu religion. One of the special attractions ofthis fair is the Ramlila act (depicting the life of Lord Ram) organised widelyin the city. Temples all over the city are beautifully decorated for the Fair.Ayodhya plays host to the Ram Navami Festival and thousands of devotees gatherto venerate the Lord at Kanak Bhawan.

Ramayan Mela

The ancient city of Ayodhya celebratesRamayan Fair with aarti and puja on the bank of River Saryu in the months ofNovember - December. Ramlila and various cultural events of music and dance areorganised. People visit here to participate in the fair.

Shravan Jhula Mela

Idols of Lord Rama, mother Sita andLakshman are seated in jhulas (swings) and swung from tree branches at ManiParvat. The deities are then brought back to the temple in a long procession.The home of Lord Rama, Ayodhya celebrates the fair in the month of Shravan(July-August) during which the city is in high spirits and people engrossthemselves in religious devotion.